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    Company profile


    Jining Hongjun Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hongjun glass fiber") was established in 1998, located in Jining City, Shandong Province. Distribution of production bases: Hengyang, Hunan; Hongjun glass fiber factory, Xuzhou, Jiangsu; Jining, Shandong; Qufu, Zoucheng, Sishui, Laiwu. Is a professional production and sales: glass fiber, glass fiber plaid cloth, alkali free glass fiber yarn, alkali yarn, alkali free yarn company. The main products are: glass fiber, alkali free glass fiber yarn, winding yarn, pultrusion yarn, gypsum yarn, cutting wire, plastic reinforced yarn, weaving yarn, imitation platinum yarn, textile yarn, glass fiber equipment, glass fiber cloth, 04 cloth, mesh cloth and other products. Medium alkali cloth and checkered cloth. Alkali free plaid cloth, mesh cloth, composite cloth, alkali free seam felt, alkali free chopped felt, surface felt, composite felt, alkali free direct yarn, ply yarn, GRG, GRC, jet yarn, chopped yarn, SMC molded yarn, 67 100 136 200 230 ----- 9600tex, basalt fiber products, carbon fiber products, high silica fiber products, etc!

    At present, the company has more than 180 employees, annual production and sales of about 6000 tons, annual sales revenue of nearly 19 million yuan. The company always adheres to the tenet of "quality, customer first, high-quality service and abiding by the contract". With high-quality products, good reputation and high-quality service, the products sell well in nearly 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, as well as in Malaysia, Kazakhstan and other countries. Wholeheartedly with domestic and foreign businesses win-win cooperation, common development, create brilliant!          

    Hot selling products and introduction


    Alkali free Plaid

    Glass fiber checkerboard is made of twistless roving and plain weave. It is suitable for unsaturated polyester resin, vinyl resin, epoxy resin and phenolic resin. It is mainly used for hand laid FRP products, such as boats, containers, auto parts, building components, etc.

    Product features: less hairiness, fast soaking speed, uniform thickness, high mechanical strength.

    Glass fiber composite cloth

    Sodium calcium silicate glass is used in the medium alkali glass fiber cloth, and the content of alkali metal oxide is 12.0%.

    Product features:

    1. The cloth surface is not easy to deform, has good permeability and is easy to operate.

    2. It can effectively improve the fatigue resistance and damage tolerance of the composites.

    3. Line parallel straight, fiber strength and stiffness to give full play.

    4. It has good designability and mixability.

    Application: suitable for FRP base cloth, plastic coating base cloth, asphalt felt base cloth, air duct base cloth, waterproof cloth, pipe binding cloth, wall cloth base cloth, acid filter cloth, reinforced mesh cloth and TV projection screen cloth, etc.

    Medium alkali 04 checkerboard

    Checkerboard cloth is widely used in the production of glass fiber reinforced plastic base cloth and glass fiber cloth, and is widely used in petrochemical, electronic and electric power, road transportation, aerospace, ship, automobile and other fields. It is an ideal choice for FRP manufacturing and engineering plastics. Glass fiber cloth uses, insulation, flame retardant, anti-corrosion, insulation materials, anti-corrosion materials, flame retardant materials

    Alkali free chopped knitted selvedge mat

    Glass fiber seam felt is made of roving or checkerboard cloth arranged in a certain direction as the base material, which is cut into a certain length, spread evenly without orientation, and sewed with organic fiber.

    Product features:

    1. Good uniformity and high wet tensile strength

    2. The directivity of organic fabric and the multidirectionality of felt

    3. The surface is porous and well soaked

    4. The fiber structure can be designed

    5. It is not easy to produce displacement and deformation, and can maintain good mechanical properties

    Purpose: the edge felt is used to reinforce unsaturated polyester resin and is suitable for pultrusion molding, injection molding (RTM), winding molding, hand lay up molding and other FRP molding processes. Such as pultrusion profiles, pipes, storage tanks, wind turbine blades and other products.

    EWR chopped glass mat

    Product introduction: the chopped felt made of EWR glass fiber has excellent electrical insulation and mechanical properties. The special formula of chlorine free and boron free glass ensures better corrosion resistance. The chopped strand treated with appropriate sizing agent is bonded with powder or emulsion binder to ensure the excellent resin compatibility of the product. The product is widely used in hull, transparent plate, automobile industry and other fields.

    Advantages and features: 1. Fast resin penetration, less bubbles, low resin consumption 3. Excellent mechanical, electrical insulation and corrosion resistance 4. Excellent rigidity of products

    Application fields: 1. Molding. Hand laid sheet 2. Hull 3. Cooling tower 4. Automobile industry

    Alkali free glass fiber yarn

    Jet spun yarn is a kind of continuous roving for jet forming. Typical products include stone, pipe, septic tank, sanitary ware, heavy truck and multi-purpose box.

    Product features: excellent short cut, dispersibility, fast resin penetration, good compatibility, low static electricity, less hairiness, easy to dissolve, excellent defoaming and good mechanical properties.